A blood forest is being created on the “eifinger berg” near wirsberg

a blood forest is being created on the 'eifinger berg' near wirsberg

The implementation of nature conservation projects using funds from the compensation payments for wind turbines in the area of the market town of wirsberg was the subject of the town council meeting on tuesday evening. As mayor hermann anselstetter (SPD) reported, the market has 135000 euros at its disposal, which were paid for as compensation payments for the encroachment on nature.

In november, the market town had already registered several nature conservation projects with the lower nature conservation authority at the district office. In the meantime, the authorities have submitted a concept for action with several measures to be taken.

Wetlands also in view

The first project will be the bluewood and nature trail on the "eifinger berg" as well as the reworking of the wetland biotopes in the schorgast valley. 55,000 euros have been earmarked for it.

Mayor hermann anselstetter loved the council members know that in coordination with the forestry office stadtsteinach and kristina schroter from the district administration office in the summer and winterleite a middle forest is to be created.

In this historical forestry form, two management forms were combined. In the past, mainly oaks were planted here, under which a special flora and fauna could develop.

Project for bats

In addition, a bat protection project and the acquisition of ecologically sustainable land are planned, in which further nature conservation projects can later be realized. Anselstetter was convinced that the planned projects would be beneficial to nature and people.

The market town council reaffirmed its previous decision that the replacement services should be used entirely in the wirsberg nature area. "We have to keep at it, said the mayor. Nature tourism will continue to increase enormously, therefore these measures are important.

Ottmar opel (CSU) considered the proposed nature conservation projects to be correct and important, although he saw certain problems with the watering of the young plants in the case of the bluhwald. "But we should try", he said. Jorg trier () also saw the bluhwald as a test area that could have an impact throughout germany. The tourist aspect should not be neglected and the project should be published on the homepage of the community.

Building application for alternative accommodation

For the use of the municipal property herbert-kneitz-strabe 18 as an alternative accommodation for the kindergarten, the municipal council still had to formally approve the building application. At present, up to 32 children are cared for on the ground and upper floors. With the completion of the kindergarten extension, however, these rooms will be available again. For a second rescue route, the construction of a tower was also necessary.

The installation of a fire alarm system in the new rooms of the daycare center was awarded to the company elektrotechnik kunz + strobel from kulmbach at a price of 21795 euro.

Crossing remains passable

Norbert specht also informed the committee about the upcoming renovation work on highway 303 between the traffic lights in ludwigschorgast and the himmelkron gymnasium. Work will begin in april, and will be completed by no later than 22. May the full closure in this area should be lifted again. The intersection between neuenmarkt and wirsberg will remain passable, however, and it will also be possible for pedestrians to cross the road.


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